3W Clinic Collagen White Skin Care Set
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3W CLINIC Collagen White Skin Care Set
(Softener, Emulsion, Whitening Cream)
Product Description
1) 3W CLINIC Collagen Clear Softener (150ml)
This moisturizing toner with marine collagen and other natural ingredients smooth your skin while deeply hydating it.
Usage : Soak a piece of cotton, dipped in toner, and gently apply the cotton onto your face after washing your face.

2) 3W CLINIC Collagen Brightening Emulsion (150ml)
This moisturizing milk with marine collagen and other natural ingredients locks in the moisture and balances your skin's oil and water level.
It is a nutrition lotion containing niacinamide and various extracts that provides moisture plentiful nourishment to skin for a long time and helps your skin smooth, bright and radiant.
Usage : Gently apply a suitable quantity of it onto your face after putting a skin lotion.

3) 3W CLINIC Collagen Whitening Cream (60ml)

is a nutrition cream containing whitening ingredient, niacinamide, which helps to keep skin white and clean through effective management of skin tones.
And also it contains marine collagen, squalane, and licorice extract that provides nutrients to tired skin from harmful environment and helps keep skin soft and moisturized.