3W Clinic Crystal Whitening CC Cream SPF50/PA
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Product Description

This multi-CC cream has all functions of wrinkle improvement and outstanding whitening, sun blocking, and make-up.
4 free prescription reduces the burden of skin and the moisturizer ingredients add elasticity to the skin.
With rolling effect, the crystal glowing capsules pops and changes to the natural color fit to the skin.
All-in-one CC cream makes your dull skin to be clean and splendor.
4- Free : Chemical Mineral Oil Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, TEA Free

3W Clinic 水晶美白防曬CC霜50ml!韓國【Samsung】旗下品牌。集高效美白防皺、防曬及化妝3大功能,其中防曬標準更達SPF40 / PA+++。採用4無韓方,減輕皮膚的負擔。內含保濕成份,增加皮膚彈性。天然顏色,配合各種自然膚色。