3W CLINIC Moisture Black Garlic Shampoo Conditioner Hair Pack 500ml
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It helps to maintain the natural pH level and, is suitable for everyday use and all hair types Gently cleans and takes care of hair, giving them a noticeable shine. The extract of black garlic enhances the vital functions of the hair follicles, strengthens hair roots (prevention of hair loss), and stimulates hair growth.

Assists in protecting hair from damage over the entire length, prevents the appearance of premature gray hair, with a therapeutic complex formula.

Safe to use by pregnant women.

[3W CLINIC] More Moisture Black Garlic Hair Pack 500ml

It provides freshness and moisture to your dry and crisp hairs.

Extracts fernentated and aged from black garlics are highly contained in this product, and supply moisture to
damaged hairs. They also give gloss and elasticity to hairs, and coat up the hairs without any pain on the
scalp to make them soft elastic.

[How-to-Use] Remove moisture after bath and shower, apply a generous amount onto skin and massage in gently.

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