Masil 5 Low Probiotics Shampoo 300ml (Color Radiance/ Scalp Caling etc)
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Masil~5 good bacteria shampoo blue bottle - moisture abundance

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (light green bottle - silky soft)

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (pink bottle - shine color protection)

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (dark green bottle - refreshing exfoliating )

Masil~5 best probiotic shampoo (purple bottle)

Product description Method: take shampoo and rub foam onto wet hair, massage scalp gently with a clean massage brush for about 3 minutes. After use, rinse the foam between the brushes with water and hang up the natural drying.

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SALON NO YELLOW - This toning shampoo comprises of high violet pigments that remove any unwanted yellow tones to create lusher and shinier silver and ash tones in the hair.

PROBIOTICS PERFECT VOLUME - It builds volume and adds weightless moisture, improving the overall look and feel of fine hair. It also promotes hair thickness by preventing breakage.

PROBIOTICS APPLE VINEGAR - The shampoo draws on Apple Cider Vinegar to clarify the scalp, helping you cut down on buildup from dirt and sweat, while prevent premature hair loss. \

PROBIOTICS SCALP SCALING - Rejuvenating and strengthening daily scalp scaling shampoo to help removes and cleanses the pores, reduce oiliness level and regulate scalp respiration.

PROBIOTICS COLOR RADIANCE - It works to protect and prolong colour thanks to an innovative UV filter, which help protect the hair fibre from any exterior threats, that keeps the hair moisturized.

Origin: korea Remark: the actual color of the product will be based on the actual color, due to the influence of the environment and light, and the color difference and the actual product of the computer screen. (Commodity specifications)

Brand name: Masil

Name: korean Masil

~5 best probiotic shampoo (300ml) styles optional

Pink bottle - shine color protection Deep green bottle - refreshing exfoliating

Light green bottle - silky soft

Purple bottle - yellow tonic

Blue bottle - moisture abundance

Commodity specification: 300ml

Masil 5彩護色洗髮精 300ml

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