Aspasia (1pcs) Moist Up Snail / Horse Oil / Aloe / Collagen Face Mist
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  • Snail Mist : Mist facial moisturizes and gives freshness, tones and eliminates signs of fatigue. Can be applied under the makeup as a moisturizing base. It is possible and on top of the makeup to refresh the skin.  Mist has a moisturizing, softening, refreshing effect and therefore can be safely credited to a number of useful and practical cosmetics. 3 seconds after application, the skin moisturizing level increases by 10-20%.

    The wonderful qualities of the mist are explained by its composition, which includes the secretion of the cochlea, thermal, water, hyaluronic acid and various trace elements.

  • Horse Oil : A facial mist enriched with Skin-friendly Jeju horse oil to moisturize and nourish the skin. Contains lotus extract and chamomile extract that soothe the irritated skin. It keeps the skin moist and smooth.

  • Collagen Mist :  Enhances Vitality And Soothes The Skin Aspasia Moist Up Face Mist Collagen Natural has the ability to regenerate the skins defense system while balancing PH levels and reducing skin irritation. This product instantly replenishes the skins natural water and minerals. At the same time, it helps tighten pores, helps control sebum well. This product enhances vitality and soothes the skin while helping to balance pH and reduce skin irritation.
  • 1Aloe Mist : A facial mist enriched with aloe vera extract that supply moisture to soothe the skin troubles, and lotus extract that hydrates the skin, and eliminate the skin endangering factors such as sebum. It keeps the skin moist and smooth.

How to use Aspasia Moist Up Face Mist 
Use it many times a day, whenever you feel tired or need water for your skin.

Place mineral water on the face, about 1 hand.

Spray 1, 2 round the face, pat on the skin.

Keep in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Close the lid after use.


1moist up face mist
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ASPASIA 蘆薈保濕水 Moist Up Face Mist-Aloe
韓國三星旗下 ASPASIA 阿比亞,清爽不粘膩,可以使問題肌膚快速鎮靜保濕,對曬後修複有很好的鎮靜作用,消除暗瘡。 使用方法: 只需將保濕噴霧噴在出油的肌膚即可
ASPASIA 膠原蛋白保濕水 Moist Up Face Mist-Collagen
使用方法: 只需將保濕噴霧噴在出油的肌膚表面或乾燥的肌膚上即可達到滋潤,保濕及清新的效果。
ASPASIA 蝸牛保濕水 Moist Up Face Mist-Snail