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  • 2 option , Hello Kitty Case or Doraemon
  • Lens Casing, Safe Product
  • Fast Delivery

Made in Korea
Non China product

Adult Size
Lenght : 230 -270mm

Good Quality
Enjoy the socks style


The most popular and best aloe Vera soothing gen, over 1.5 million units sold
Aloe Vera extracts 100%
For all skin types
Moisturizing for firmer and healthier skin

  • bubble mud pack that provides pore cleaning and black head removal
  • The carbonated bubbles gently massage the pores.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 100% Original
  • Made in Korea

3 Color Available 

  • 01 Grey + Brown
  • 02 Brown + Light Brown
  • 03 Light Brown Grey

3 Eyebrow Shape Included

  • Korea Style Shape x 1 pcs
  • One Style Shape x 1 pcs
  • Nature Style Shape x 1pcs
  • Dual-Function Cosmetic Product for Skin Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Care 
  • Function: Helps to Brighten the Skin Tone and Improve Wrinkles

Nourishing cream that helps improve complex skin concerns cause by urban environments. It covers skin with a moisturizing layer that has a butter-like texture which almost melts on skin.

  • PH weak acidic body wash to use with fragile skin! Grain water containing rice bran water makes the skin mild
  • For those who want a mild shower with a mild powdery foam. pH weak acidity
  • 7 FREE formula can be used by the whole family.
  • Red Wine
  • Formulated with whitewain 10%(france), niacinamide, multi fruits BSC(natural AHA)
  • Anti wrinkle sleeping pack that makes your skin smooth
  • This refined, foamy lather thoroughly cleanses pores while preventing and relieving skin trouble.
  • Contains natural ingredients, such as salicyl acid, to remove dead skin cells and treat skin problems
  • Experience bija's excellent soothing effects!
  • This brightening, cleansing foam leaves your skin smooth and clean thanks to the creamy foam made with Jeju tangerine peel.
  • The white clay ingredients effectively absorb skin impurities and sebum to clear skin from deep inside the pores.
  • The orange capsules to create a massaging effect when washing to exfoliate dead skin cells and make the skin smooth.

1. Cleanses men’s body odor to remain clean and refreshed
The formula containing sulfate-free, coconut-derived surfactant finely cleanses and helps get rid of body odor produced by sebum and waste matter, leaving a bracing finish.

2. From head to toe. Convenient with two types of packaging
This all-in-one product comes in two types to wash your hair and body conveniently and quickly to adapt to your busy daily routine: a pump-style packaging for home and a handy tube for when carrying outside.

3. #I’m going to the forest
Natural phytoncide fragrance gives you a fresh-feeling moment like being in the middle of a forest.