Mofajang Temporary Colour Hair Wax Japan Silver Ash Color 120g
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One-time hair styling wax as the magician make your hair color colorful, beautiful and charming.

According to the requirements of the shape and color, use finger to create a personal style,
Create personal style you like.

Usage: apply small amount in the palm, coating on the hair after fingertip friction

1pcs , 120g

- 100% Authentic Item
- 10 Days money back guarantee

Step 1: First in the clean hair, use a hair dryer to blow the hair naturally fluffy state, head of hair blowing hand against the hair root.
Step 2: Take the right amount evenly rub wax on your palm to the finger, the fingers open, insert the scalp direction. Then pulling up the hair together, repeated several times, according to their own requirements your hair stand up angle.
Step 3: Plan the section of hair with white highlights or apply the wax on the entire head.
Step 4: Washing out easily with just warm water.

Cara Guna :

Guna di rambut kering, atau 90% kering lepas cuci rambut.
Sapu di rambut kamu dan buat bentuk rambut yang bergaya.
Lepas guna senang guna dicuci dengan shampoo.

Amaran :

1. Jangan kena mata. Kalau dah kena sila cuci segera dengan air.
2. Test dulu sebelum guna, untuk elakan alergik kulit.
3. Jauhkan dari kanak-kanak. Produk untuk kegunaan rambut saja.
4. Tak sesuai untuk wanita yang hamil.
5. Simpan di normal suhu rumah.

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