Mise En Scene Damage Hair Care Perfect Repair / Styling / Rose / Water Serum 80ml
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Mise en scene Damage Hair Care Perfect Repair & Styling Serum 80ml
Get incredibly smooth and silky hair with this new improved treatment from Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum. Highly enriched with royal jelly, argan oil and rose water, Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum improves damaged hair effectively. Its Advanced Asian Beauty Formula intensively repairs and strengthens damaged hair to restore its suppleness. No rinse is needed after use.

Repair Serum for Damage Hair

Styling Serum for Hair Style

Rose Serum for it makes hair sleek and smooth. It repairs hair damage caused by dying or curling

Water Serum : Unlike other oil serums, it permeates like water, making it perfect for summer. The Perfect Coco Water Serum contains 200 times amount of coconut water than Perfect Serum Original to intensive moisturizing. The clean and fresh aqua floral scent lasts all day long.

How to use:
Dry lightly with a towel after shampping.
Evenly apply a coin size of this serum on the entire hair.
Dry hair completely.


Styling Serum 適合造型頭髮
Repair Serum 適合染燙受損頭髮

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