Mistine Super Black Fixed Liner Eyeliner
Price RM20.00
Product SKU 0144-Fixed-Liner
Brand Mistine
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Given the eyeliner pretty continuously without interruption. The black and dark shades of black. Makes a sharp contrast border than ever before. A Special Sharp Extreme forms a brush pen. Make a professionally drawn freely

The ultimate Super Mistine Black eyeliner Liner Fixed that bring line cutters eyeliner. End brushes with brush small with only 0.05 mm special Carbon Black Granular that allows even more intense black. Lasting for a long period of time. When working with film partner Acrylamides Copolymer polymer which is water-resistant, sweat or grease around the eyes as well. Place or mess up a simple fuzzy slit single fixed line eyeliner.
Every image sharp eyes. All problems fade, tongkrit eyeliner during the day.