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1. The outstanding healing effects of the torreya seed oil help troubled skin.

2. Contains natural salicylic acid for exfoliation and blemish care.

3. Oil-free moisturizer

  • 1. Excellent skin improvement
  • The formula contains Jeju bija oil, which features an exceptional skin improvement effect.
  • Refreshing wipe-off toner suitable for acne-prone skin


  • This refined, foamy lather thoroughly cleanses pores while preventing and relieving skin trouble.
  • Contains natural ingredients, such as salicyl acid, to remove dead skin cells and treat skin problems
  • Experience bija's excellent soothing effects!
  • This brightening, cleansing foam leaves your skin smooth and clean thanks to the creamy foam made with Jeju tangerine peel.
  • The white clay ingredients effectively absorb skin impurities and sebum to clear skin from deep inside the pores.
  • The orange capsules to create a massaging effect when washing to exfoliate dead skin cells and make the skin smooth.

1. Cleanses men’s body odor to remain clean and refreshed
The formula containing sulfate-free, coconut-derived surfactant finely cleanses and helps get rid of body odor produced by sebum and waste matter, leaving a bracing finish.

2. From head to toe. Convenient with two types of packaging
This all-in-one product comes in two types to wash your hair and body conveniently and quickly to adapt to your busy daily routine: a pump-style packaging for home and a handy tube for when carrying outside.

3. #I’m going to the forest
Natural phytoncide fragrance gives you a fresh-feeling moment like being in the middle of a forest.

  • Sitting under the air conditioning all day long may be cooling but it is extremely drying for our skin. To combat this, have a Green Tea Mist ready at your desk for instant moisturising and soothing skincare!


  • The facial mist can also be incorporated into your skincare routine as a light and fresh toner replacement, right after cleansing. If used with a cotton pad, the mist can even function as a skin pack.

1. Tightens pores + Removes sebum+ Exfoliates dead skin cells +offers deep cleansing+enhances skin tone+ provides cooling effects
2. This clay mask with its original volcanic cluster capsules powerfully adsorbs sebum to intensively pore concerns
3. About Jeju volcanic scoria
This pure and rare ingredient, formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions in Jeju island, adsorbs impurities and sebum that are deeply embedded within skin pores.
4. No paraben, No artificial colors, No mineral oil, No ethanol

  • A scrub foam that removes dirt from pores and exfoliates dead skin cells with volcanic clusters
  • This scrub foam effectively removes dirt and dead skin from pores in only 1-2 uses a week.
  • Jeju volcanic cluster with strong sebum absorption
    Natural Jeju volcanic clusters and red clay are some of the best ingredients for cleaning pores.
  • A cleansing foam made with enriched sea salt for removing dead skin cells and dirt from skin for smooth and moisturized skin
  • Removes dead skin cells like a scrub product
  • With the help of sea salt, this product effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells
  • The rich mineral content of Jeju salt makes the skin softer and smoother
  • Removes Sebum + Brightens Skin + Treats Blemishes!
  • Use a toner to remove any residue left on your face.
  • Then, apply the mask over your entire face, avoiding your eye and lip areas.
  • Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.