JennyHouse Root Volume Fixer 95ml (Volume Spray)
Price RM37.00
Product SKU 0855
Brand Korea Brand
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm
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[ No.1 Salon JENNYHOUSE ]
Jennyhouse, a beauty salon with 20 years of history and 80 artists.
This salon is responsible for the styles of Korean celebrities including actress Son Ye-jin.

The know-how of Jennyhouse, Korea's No.1 beauty salon, is put into cosmetics.

True Beauty with salon know-how
True Love made with healthy ingredients

Celebrity 1,000 people
Selected by over 500,000 customers

[ This hair spray that holds your hair in volume! ]
It doesn't clump like a spray and stays natural and long lasting

For the finishing touch of perfect styling without stickiness.
"Perfect Styling Fixer."

Root Volume Fixer formulated with the nourishing
high-molecular film and water-based ingredients works
softly to and between hair shafts.

The natural fixer can easily, quickly - and perfectly fix silky hair without clumping

[ The salon that Korean celebs love, Jenny House ]
"You thought your hair looked impressively beautiful at Jennyhouse Salon.
You can bring Jennyhouse Salon home today to make your hair as beautiful as yesterday."

[ Salon Hair Care Solution ]
Especially for the hair prone to damage and difficult to manage,
the solution offers a basic care to make
hair stronger and its volume fuller.

- Airy volume
The light watery formula
sprays softly to penetrate
the hair and fix the style

- Long lastingness
Conditioning ingredients
in place of silicone and
nourishing ingredients deeply
penetrate the hair to make the
fixed hairstyle for long hours

- A fresh finish
The high-molecular film and
volatile ingredient can fix any
hairstyle lightly and fast

How to enjoy the same benefit of luxury hair salon cares in the comfort of home

The styling you want. After we've all finished, at a distance of about
20 centimeters evenly on one's hair Spray,

simple, not style To increase the volume, start from the inside of the hair.
Spray evenly, finish off the outer part of the hair. evenly sprayed, both inside and outside Use to evenly fix.

Tips for the best salon care
It is a fixer that finishes styling smoothly with polymeric film components, volatile formulation, conditioning, and hydrolize protein. The size of the bag that you can carry-on.
It's a perfect product to always carry around and lightly spray when.



1. 先用蛋白保濕精華噴霧打底。
2. 噴上豐盈造型噴霧後用風筒輕輕吹一吹定型。